My name is Georgia Pistorio, and I am a writer/teacher residing in Colorado. I started this website to catalog my work, including written work and digital art. I am curious at heart about the world and the way language impacts our lives. Books have always excited me, and it is here that I celebrate that part of me that loves to deep dive into the infinite possibilities that reading and writing can bring.

The choice of what book to read next is no small decision. Often, the books I end up reading seem to be fated in their timing or message. You see, when a particularly moving story finds its way to me, my world begins to revolve around it. The pages extend beyond the cover, reaching, pointing a finger to the unnoticed parts of my life. With its voice in my ear and its fingers outstretched, a book feels alive…like an ever changing, yet invisible body…a body alive with the eternal breath of its author, who is as real as you or me. And so, connections between the text and myself often feel like more than mere coincidence.

Through my writing, I hope to help you believe in the power of storytelling; a good book can be an entry point into the limitless world of imagination – a world that awakens at your attention, Reader.